How Many Types of Eyeglasses Frames are There?

Variety of Eyeglasses Frame Shapes

Right choice of frames will accentuate your facial appearance. Though glasses are for vision correction or protection, eyeframes undoubtedly make it feel more like an accessory rather than a curative tool. The fashionable era has reintroduced the retro style as well as has cropped up with eye frames to match the assorted taste of people.

Since there is a plethora of choices available, it’s really baffling to decide on any one. However you can have dedicated frames of different styles for different occasions and different outfits. We have listed down the names and details of popular style of frames, which will help you to choose as per your taste and preference.


Remember Tom Cruise from the cult flick Top Gun? Apart from the movie, the beguiling look of Tom Cruise is much talked about, till date. Aviator glasses became instant fad. The 80s style aviator glasses was and always will be a popular frame shape. The old-school pilot glasses are available in sunglasses as well as spectacles. Not only men even women look striking with aviator glasses. This shape of frame is suitable for oblong and oval face shapes.


Wayfarer style frames gained a lot of momentum when it was introduced in late 1950s. This classic style frame is now back in vogue. Well again we need to mention the heartthrob Tom Cruise for flaunting wayfarer styl e frames in his launching phase movie – Risky Business. Wayfarers are certainly fashionable and an iconic symbol of 80s. Wayfarers usually come in acetate material and are durable. This frame shape suits round, oval, oblong and diamond shape face.


Again round frames is also a blast from the past. Round is vintage, cool and eye-catching. For a professional look or to match up a classic outfit, round glasses are just perfect. Since square faces have strong angles and jaw lines, round frames will perfectly suit them to soften their sharp edges.


Frames with high temples are typically chic. The highly-fashionable cat-eye glasses were famous among the glamourous Hollywood celebs but now have become a hot favourite of many young women. Cat-eye frames with embellishments are a great choice for glitzy parties or outings. This frame style looks ideal on women with oval or diamond face shape.


Let it be any material, rectangular frames looks bold and casual. This frame style easily blends with variety of outfits. Rectangular frames have sharp edges hence it best suits round and oval face shapes. It instantly catches attention of the onlookers.


Yes, again this is a vintage style that adorns the browline of the men. Club master frames have plastic brow bar and temples which distinguishes it from other style of frames. This style of frames was much spotted in 50s and 60s Hollywood movies. The frames are light in weight and come in full rim metal frames. The frames look awesome on oval and heart-shaped face.

So what suits your style? In addition to your taste, you can also look for frames that suit your face shape and enhance your personality.

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