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As we grow older, vision grows weaker. Like other body muscles, even eye muscles weaken after a certain age. Focusing on nearby objects become almost impossible. This progressive condition is called "presbyopia".

Single vision lenses used for near viewing may not be helpful for reading. Better, opt for reading glasses to overcome this vision condition. Even the younger generation who find difficulty in reading can go for reading eyeglasses.

Signs that indicate you need reading glasses
  1. Blurry vision while reading
  2. Experience headache while reading
  3. Unable to see small prints clearly
  4. Trouble to perform work that requires focus
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Presbyopia Age-related Vision Condition

Once you hit the forties, naturally your power to focus on near objects diminishes. Your eyes become less flexible and muscles weaken. You can view farther objects clearly as before but when it comes to reading, sewing or doing any close work, you may experience blurry vision. However, this vision condition can be corrected with a perfect pair of reading eyeglasses.

Who Need Reading Glasses?

As it is evident now, presbyopia is an aging vision problem. Yet, as per recent research, even youngsters are facing this vision condition. Their eyes turn old due to continuous exposure to harmful rays like ultraviolet emitted from sun and blue-light generated from digital devices. So no matter what is your age, if you are unable to view up close, you can go for reading eyeglasses. Readers help your vision by magnifying and focusing the fine print.

Who Need Reading Glasses?
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How to choose the strength/power of reading glasses

Reading glasses power is measured in dioptre. The lowest strength is 1.0 dioptre while the highest strength is 4.0 dioptre (it's rare to find high power). The glasses strength increase in factors of .25. So usually the readers measurement is like 1.0, 1.25, 1.50, 2.0..... 4.0.

As you age your glasses strength will increase. It's strongly recommended to get an eye checkup in a year or two and buy readers, accordingly.

Below is the power recommended, based on age:

  • For age between 40 - 44
    Power ranges +0.75 D to +1.00 D
  • For age between 45 - 49
    Power ranges +1.00 D to +1.50 D
  • For age between 50 - 54
    Power ranges +1.50 D to +2.00 D
  • For age between 55 - 59
    Power ranges +2.00 D to +2.25 D
  • For 60 and above age
    Power ranges +2.25 D to +2.50 D

However, getting your eyes checked by your eye doctor is always a good idea.

Assorted Styles of High-quality Reading Glasses

Readers are not recommended for constant wearing. Still, whenever you wear, look stylish. Select from a wide range of high-quality reading glasses which are now easily available at our store. From vintage to contemporary, comfortable small size to convenient foldable, classy rimless to funky colour rimmed, choose which best suits you from our striking line-up.

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What Additional Features can you Expect?

Not just for reading purpose! You can enhance your glasses with additional features offered by Framesbuy. To further protect your eyesight and greatly focus on your work, you can go for lens and lens coating like:

Photochromic lenses
Photochromic lenses

Prefer reading outdoors? Blend your reading glasses with photochromic lenses to safeguard your eyes from the harmful UV rays.

Anti-reflective coating
Anti-reflective coating

Reduce the eye strain due to distracting reflection by adding an anti-reflective coating to your reading glasses.

Progressive lenses
Progressive lenses

Instead of 2 separate glasses, order progressive lenses to see across all distances, clearly.

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