Infusion of color

A little more playful and vision-enhancing tinted glasses

Girl wearing brown tinted glasses

Turn your regular glasses into fashion-forward shades by infusing tint of your choice. It's kind of glasses that doesn't make you squint but certainly make you look better.


Everything looks better in color

With or without prescription, tinted glasses are more than just a fashion statement. Though it's the hottest trend, the color add-on, help to see the world in whole new light. Some tints enhance colors while some enhance contrast perception, some offer glare-free vision while some increase vision acuity. In short, look super striking with pin-sharp vision.

Brown tinted glasses
pink, blue, light sun grey tinted glasses

Hint of tint

It's high time! Take a break from the same old black and brown shaded sunglasses. The world surely has many other colors to offer. The fun and functional tinted lenses are best suited for the active life. Every color has its own advantages which can benefit the wearer in outdoor and occupational activities. Upgrade your style as well as lifestyle with the tints.

Red tint Pink tint Rose tint

Red, Pink or Rose Colored Tint

  • Soothing for eyes and best for long time wear
  • Rose-tinted glasses are highly recommended for computer users as it blocks the harmful blue light and reduces eye strain
  • Best suited for cycling, hunting and fishing
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Pink tinted glasses

30+ Eyeglass choices for pink tint

You can look for Artisan, Snow, Merlin and more



Orange tinted glasses

45+ Eyeglass choices yellow tint

You can look for Blinky, Moby, Sublime and more

Yellow tint Yellow tint

Yellow and Orange Tint

  • Enhances vision in the low-light environment
  • Good option for hazy, foggy weather conditions
  • Best suited for hunting, cycling, snow, and indoor ball activities. Also, act as blue blockers
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Grey tint Grey tint

Grey Tint

  • Help the eyes to perceive colors in the real form
  • Reduces blue light to a good level and also cuts down brightness and glare
  • Best suited for golf, running, cycling and driving
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Grey tinted glasses

70+ Eyeglass choices grey tint

You can look for Zhao, Clement, Bonny and more



Brown tinted glasses

65+ Eyeglass choices for amber, brown and copper tint

You can look for Clooney, Good Faith, Arlo and more

Brown tint

Amber, Brown and Copper Tint

  • Reduces glare and blocks blue light
  • Increase vision acuity, particularly against blues skies and green grass
  • Best suited for cycling, racing, golf, baseball, fishing and water activities. Also, act as blue blockers
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Green tint

Green Tint

  • Reduces glare, blue light and also eye strain
  • Increases contrast and visual sharpness
  • Best suited for golf, baseball, tennis
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Green tinted glasses

45+ Eyeglass choices for green tint

You can look for Nemo, codie, Greza and more

Practical addition to your fashion wardrobe

Get your pair of bold and eye-popping tinted glasses

1. Select a frame of your choice

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2. Select lens type as per usage

Select lens type as per usage

3. Pick the tint of your choice

Pick the tint of your choice

Explore the world through colored glasses

Girl wearing yellow tinted glasses

Bold and beautiful, protecting and useful is what best defines tinted glasses

No matter what tint you choose it will certainly make a difference in how you see the world (functional benefit) and how the world sees you (fashionable benefit)

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