Can I Wear Blue Light Glasses All the Time? Blue Light Glasses Queries Solved

Wear Blue Light Glasses

Blue light can make you feel blue!

Vision problems, sleep disorder and now, mental disorder. 

People under 30 witness the highest rates of digital eye strain symptoms and mental disorders.

Apparently, blue light is held responsible.

You should be worried about blue light, shouldn’t you?

We all are surrounded by blue light almost 24/7. Whether it is the natural blue light emitted from the sun or the artificial blue light found in computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, televisions and LED bulbs, it is substantially damaging our overall health. 

Unfortunately, we cannot refrain ourselves from using these light-emitting modern-day essentials due to very obvious reasons. But fortunately, we can curtail its harmful effects. 

You must have heard about blue light glasses or computer glasses, right? It is an effective solution as well as a trending topic.

By trending topic, we meant that a lot of people just Google around as they are curious to know more about the blue light glasses and its usage. If you too are keen to know, then here are some of the common queries, we got you answered. 

Is wearing blue light glasses all the time bad?

Okay, till now we all very well know the fact that blue blockers can protect your eyes from the potential damage caused by harmful blue light; but the most common query shooted is ‘Can I wear blue light glasses all day?’

The straightforward answer is Yes. There is no harm if you wear blue light glasses all the time. It has no adverse effects. 

On average, 11 hours per day, we are exposed to the dangerous blue light.

We live in a modern world where we are taking in the levels of high-energy blue light like never before. From morning to night, our eyes are constantly exposed to blue light. Whether it is screen gazing at the workspace, when it’s work from home or online classes, binge-watching, mindless social media scrolling or the light sources at home, everything adds to blue light exposure. With all that said, wearing blue light glasses, all day is absolutely a good thing to do. 

You can get blue light lens coating attached to your regular glasses or even non-prescription glasses and block the harmful light from entering your eyes. 

When to wear blue light glasses? 

Digital devices are upgrading by leaps and bounds. One such advancement is blue light filtration technology. Many latest devices claim to effectively manage blue light with this adoption. Frankly speaking, it is a mystery and still seems speculative. So it’s better to take additional precautions, like wearing blue light glasses.

But when to wear?

Every time when your eyes are open, it is the right time to wear blue light lenses. However, to be more specific, you can wear them while:

Computer use

Tech geeks, IT professionals, online tutors and online learners are overdosing on screen time. They spend around 6-8 hours a day, eyeballing at computer screens or laptops. Since it is all work and no play, screen time cannot be avoided. So to reduce the problems like dry eyes, blurred vision, headache and eye strain, blue light lens is the solution. 

Make a habit to wear blue light glasses whenever you sit in front of computer screens. Also, don’t forget to blink your eyes frequently to prevent eyes from drying out.

Mobile use

Okay, this comes as no surprise.

1 out of every 4 people suffers from eye strain due to extended use of smartphones.

This tiny screen can lead to big vision problems. Online shopping, searching for recipes, looking for directions, weather report, alarm clock or simply scrolling Instagram, are identified as the most common smartphone activities. Social media detox cannot be a solution for life. So better, slide your blue light lenses and use your smartphones, smartly. 

When outside

Sun is the natural source of blue light. And it has potential health benefits. So, wearing blue light glasses outside, does that make sense? 

It is true that blue light glasses block light emitted from digital screens. It is also true that it can reduce the blue UV light exposure emitted from the sun which is harmful, indeed. This means that you can wear blue light glasses during the day and in any environment without worrying. 

At home

Eventually, after a hectic day, you step inside your home, your comfort zone to have your beauty sleep. But to your shock, you stay awake like an owl!!! It’s because blue light has started messing with your circadian rhythm (sleep cycle). The artificial light gives the wrong signal to your brain that it’s bright and daytime, so no time to go to bed. 

Whether it’s binge-watching at night or the LED lights at your home, everything affects your sleep cycle. Wear blue light glasses after dark to keep your brain functioning, rightly and enjoy a good night sleep. 

The energy-saving LED bulbs, actually produce a high amount of blue light. You can try adding other light sources that are non-LED and of warmer hue to reduce exposure. 

Can you wear blue light glasses while driving? 

Yes, why not!

Even while driving your eyes get exposed to artificial blue light, particularly during night hours. The glare and the headlights might cause hindrance while driving. To filter out the blue light and reduce glare, blue light glasses are the safest solution while driving. Blue light lenses are yellow-tinted which limits the bright light from entering your eyes and results in enhanced night driving vision.

You can also opt for anti-glare or anti-reflective coating for safe driving. 

Can blue light glasses damage your eyes?

How come anything with so many health benefits, can be damaging? Of course not, blue light glasses won’t damage your eyes. 

As stated before the blue light filter on glasses is an effective solution (without side-effects) to reduce eye strain, blurred vision, dry eyes, headache, sleep disorder. It also helps in managing mental health which is getting affected, these days due to prolonged screen time. 

Though there is no evidence as such that shows, computer glasses can completely eliminate blue light from entering your eyes; still, there is no harm at all in trying them. At least, it will block a portion of blue light and reduce the negative impact.

Hope this article clarifies most of your doubts related to blue light glasses.

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