3 Types of Eyeglasses That’s a Must for Eye-protection

Eyeglasses For Eye Protection

Would you wear sweater on a hot sunny day or put on raincoat while it’s chilly outside?

For every season or for every occasion, you have suitable attire, then why compromise on eyeglasses? Sweater is worn to protect you from cold, similarly when it comes to vision protection, there are dedicated lenses, for e.g. to protect your eyes against digital eyestrain, computer glasses are worn, to avoid harmful sunrays from entering into your eyes, sunglasses are used.

Just like your clothes wardrobe, you need to expand your eyeglasses wardrobe. For every lifestyle activity, there is a dedicated pair of glasses. Though, there is wide selection of lenses available, there are 3 types of glasses that are must for eye-care. Computers and smart phones are inevitable part of our daily lives, going out during sunlight hours cannot be avoided and of course to perform daily activities, clear eyesight is crucial, so for these situations you require 3 types of glasses which are:

Prescription Glasses / Everyday Glasses

If you are suffering from poor vision, you will certainly require a pair of spectacles that optimally supports your vision. Since you will be wearing your prescription glasses, almost all day long, make sure they are comfortable, perfect fit, suit your face shape and with a doubt, offers crystal clear vision. The latest eyewear is so comfortable that it almost makes you feel like you aren’t wearing anything on your eyes. Along with clear eyesight, prescription glasses serves as fashionable accessory.

Blue Block Lenses to Reduce Digital Strain

It’s almost impossible to imagine a day without any of the digital device like smart phone, laptop, computer or even television. Humans are completely addicted to digital technology and like every addiction, even this has side-effects. The blue light rays emitted from the digital devices are really harmful and can damage your vision. Prolong use of digital devices can blur your vision, make your eyes feel dry and irritated and even cause backache and neck pain. Glasses with blue coating lenses eliminate digital eyestrain and offer hassle-free digital device viewing experience. Anyone who works on computer or uses digital devices can wear these glasses and protect their eyes.

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Polarised Sunglasses for Ultimate Eye Protection

On a sunny day, wearing sunglasses outdoor is quite obvious but instead of stylish sunglasses, if you opt for polarised sunglasses it will be really beneficial for your eye health. Sunglasses with polarised lenses offer great benefits with great looks. Apart from UV ray protection, it reduces the eye-strain by eliminating the effects of glare. With polarised sunglasses you can see more clearly than ever before. These sunglasses neutralise the glare that is caused when the sunlight reflects on water, snow or any solid surface. The sunglasses also reduce health issues like eye irritation, redness and headache. Increase your visual comfort with polarised sunglasses.

There are few circumstances when your regular pair of prescription glasses will be unable to offer your eyes the necessary comfort. It’s wise to have dedicated eyewear/lenses for basic situations and safeguard your eyes.

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