Flattering Eyeglasses Frame for Older Women

Glasses for the Older Women

Age is just a number, especially when it comes to women’s fashion. Yes, age has nothing to do with fashion, these days many women have proven that. Older women are an increasing demographic among the Instagram influencers. The aura, the sophistication and the elegance of older women are sure to make the youngsters go green with envy. 

As you age, there is one accessory that automatically becomes part of your day to day life and that’s the eyeglasses. It’s a basic essential, yet if you pick the right one, it can make you look like a flattering mature woman. If you are an older woman who loves to stay stylish but doesn’t love experimenting much then you can turn your daily essential into a fashionable accessory that will transform and enhance your look, instantly. In fact, eyeglasses can shave off years of your look.

Basic Things to Consider While Choosing Glasses for Older Women

The purpose of your glasses – Prescription glasses (all day wear), reading glasses (only while performing up-close work) or non-prescription glasses ( just for fashion)

Size – Frame size that suits your face shape and size perfectly.

Colour – Frame colour is an important factor to consider as the wrong choice can make you look much older.

Material – Frame material too matters, particularly if you will be wearing glasses for longer hours.

Face shape – Face-flattering eyeglasses will enhance your look flawlessly, irrespective to your age.

Okay, now let’s focus on the fashion tips and tricks to pick the right pair of fashion glasses that can reverse your age without much efforts: 

Rimless – If You don’t Want People to Notice 

Glasses are often considered as a sign of ageing. So, if you don’t want to flaunt them, simply stick to the classy rimless glasses. It is comfortable, lightweight and draws minimal attention.  The subtle, almost invisible rimless frames, gracefully blend into the face and can go with any outfit. You don’t have to struggle with finding the right pair. Choice of lens shapes are endless, however, round and rectangle lenses are the most popular.

Clear Frames – If You don’t Want to Scream About Your Glasses

Yet another pair of glasses that won’t look much loud but this one is definitely funky. Clear glasses create a minimal look as the frames are transparent. However, they are available in a variety of colours that gives it a quirky feel. They are both fashionable and functional. Like rimless, even clear glasses blend with any outfit.

They don’t make you scream that you are wearing glasses but hardly go unnoticed. If you are looking for more of a feminine option, then choose clear glasses in a cat-eye shape.

Warm Tones – For a Youthful Look 

If you want to get noticed and appear much younger then go for playful coloured frames. Bold and funky warm coloured frames like red, burgundy, brown will draw instant attention and make you look cooler for your age. And remember to avoid colour tones like blue, grey or even steel frames as they are colours of ageing.

Tortoiseshell – For the Ageless Beauty

Do you know why everybody loves tortoiseshell frames? Because they look flattering on everyone, regardless of their age. The distinctive pattern never goes unnoticed while it becomes a point of attraction on any outfit. So no matter what attire you are wearing, your pair of tortoiseshell frames will grab the attention. It best suits women with blonde, brown or gold flecks in hair.

#FashionTips to Pick Trendy Glasses for the Older Women

  • Don’t over accessorise 
  • Avoid wearing glasses on a chain
  • Avoid wearing glasses too big or too small
  • Add a lip colour when you wear glasses
  • Don’t just stick to one pair, embrace a variety of styles
  • Always trust your gut

Fashion is forever, so steer clear of the old lady look and embrace stunning eyeglasses that can make you appear effortlessly stylish, no matter what’s your age.

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