Do Clip-on Sunglasses Work – What Makes Them So Popular?

Clip-on Sunglasses

At the onset of summer or the call for outdoor fun, you can’t forget the harmful effect of UV rays hitting your skin as well as your eyes. Though sunglasses can help you shield your eyes while looking fashionable. Striking the right balance between functionality and fashion by Wearing glasses isn’t easy for everyone.

If you are an eyeglasses wearer who travels frequently, you might be familiar with the tiresome experiences of switching between prescription glasses and sunglasses. That being said, clip-on sunglasses come in as an alternative to alleviate the pain of wearing one and carrying the other gear along wherever you go.

What are clip-on sunglasses?

A style quotient and a practical accessory, clip up sunglasses fit in your existing optical frame and protect the eye against UV rays.

They are designed in a variety of tint, styles, shapes, sizes, and UV protection layers to match up with the optical lenses and work as sunglasses.

But unlike the regular frames, they don’t have arms. They are uniquely crafted with a set of two darken lenses linked together and a clip or magnet attached to the bridges to fix them on your regular prescription glass frame.

Clip-on sunglasses – Do they work:

Advertised as a gear to make switching between prescription and sunglasses at ease, clip-on sunglasses work well to shield your eye against annoying glare and harmful sun rays until they are fitted properly and go well with your existing glasses. The only real consideration you need to make is to choose the right size and shape of the clip-on sunglasses to fit in the current frame.

How are clips on glasses measured?

The size of clip-on glasses is determined by keeping sunglasses in mind. Determine the size or the special design of your frames. Whether you have a round or cat-eye or a rectangular frame shape. Meanwhile, the length and height of frames, bridge type, and other features are also important considerations, when you want to shop for a clip-on that perfectly fits your regular eyeglasses.

Not good at measuring the frames? Look for the number printed on the side of your glasses for quick estimating the bridge and frame size.

Shopping for clip-on sunglasses in NZ? Things to keep in mind:

Types of clip-on sunglasses:

There are three types of clip-on sunglasses known as standard clip-on, flip clip-on, and magnetic clip-on.

Standard clip-on:

With an extended clip at the centre of the bridge on the nose, the standard form clip-on sunglasses hook onto the regular glasses. Here it is noted that they are detachable – you can easily put them on when UV protection is needed and take them off when visual clarity is needed.

Flip-up clip-on:

Also known as magnetic flip-up sunglasses, the typical sunnies are different from the standard ones. Though not completely replaced or reinserted, you can flip them up whenever needed to enjoy the unobstructed clear and corrected vision of prescription glasses or clip them on to safely stay under the sun.

Magnetic clip-on:

Last but not least, the magnetic type clip-on sunglasses have an invisible magnet attached to them that easily sticks the clip-on pair to your frames.

Featuring magnetic sides all along with the frames, they are popular in the market today and pair well with titanium frames.

Adequate amount of UV protection:

Same as conventional sunglasses, a clip-on comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and coatings. Thus while looking to buy a clip-on, it is important to consider the pair that offers complete protection against UV rays. Make sure to buy a pair with 100% protection against UV400.

Find a clip-on with the same size and shape:

Make sure your clip-on should completely cover the prescription lenses. The thumb rule is to always measure the perfect shape and size of existing prescription lenses and order the right fit. You can easily determine the lens sizes, reading the number printed on the inside of the frame.

Pros of clip-on sunglasses:

Save money:

Clip-on sunglasses are inexpensive than buying a whole pair of shades.


Saving you from the hassle of carrying both prescription and shades all along, they can be tossed easily in a pocket or carry-ons.


Not just functional to save your eye, with many cool colours and shades to experiment with clip-on sunglasses can help you make a great fashion statement.


They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match with existing pairs. Furthermore, it offers several coatings, says anti-glare, polarized etc. to protect your eye.

Cons of clip-on sunglasses:

Low coverage:

When prescription lenses have a smaller frame size, clip-on tend to offer less coverage. Thus, your eyes are exposed to light glare coming from top, bottom and sides.


Though inexpensive, clip-on glasses made up of cheaper and flimsy material breaks quite easily. As a result, they may not be a reliable option and need steady handling.

May scratch eyeglasses:

With magnetic clip-on, another significant disadvantage is they are not good for your prescription lenses. Constantly putting on and off clip-on may scratch or wear off these lenses.

Haven’t made up your mind yet?

Clip-on or convention tinted glasses? When you are a frequent traveller- looking for a hassle-free option of switching glasses between outdoor or indoor use, clip-on sunglasses are a clear winner.

To offer better protection, clip-on glasses can have mirrored, polarized and coloured tinted lens coating.

So whether or not to choose them is just a matter of personal preference and taste.

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