Are Night Driving Glasses Beneficial?

Are Night Driving Glasses Beneficial

Do you find it difficult to drive at night? According to the trend you might have also bought a night driving glass. But are you sure that these will work? To all your questions we have come up with some solutions. Disturbing night vision is a common problem and is sometimes bothersome. Yellow-tinted glasses are claimed to be best for night driving by some of the optic stores nowadays. But does it work?

Keep reading this article to find out how these night driving glasses work and if these are beneficial or not. Check it out now!

What are Night Driving Glasses? How do these work?

To offer clear vision at night some people use night driving glasses. But the question arises what these are? These are special types of glasses that are equipped with heavily tinted yellow lenses. These are also known as non-prescription glass that comes in various shades from light yellow to amber.

These glasses are specially equipped with an anti-reflective layer to block out reflections. These lenses reduce the glare by scattering out the blue light. The anti-reflective coating eliminates the internal reflection caused by these short-wavelength blue lights, thereby, providing clear night vision. These yellow-tinted glasses were also used in shooter’s glasses, which are now popularly used in night driving glasses as well.

Benefits of night driving glasses:

Reduces distracting light glares and make vision more clear

Night driving glasses reduce the glares caused by lights on the roads (other vehicles or street lights) that may temporarily blind your vision.

Let you drive safe and stress-free

To ensure the driver’s safety, night driving glasses minimise exactly the optimum amount of glare while allowing the majority of light to pass through. Thus offer the best control over vehicles and better visibility at night and evening.

They help you relieve stress from the eye

It might be tiring for your eyes to drive without night glasses. To gain a better vision, many drivers have to squint or lean closer to the steering wheel. This could cause wet eyes, thus distracting you from the road. By reducing the amount of light that reaches your eyes, night driving glasses can assist you to avoid eye strain.

Prevents headaches, migraine pain, and vision difficulties

Oncoming traffic headlights, flashing brake lights or turn signals, and light/dark contrast are all common triggers that may lead to headaches, dizziness, and, in rare cases, photophobia. As a result, night vision glasses are highly beneficial in eliminating vision difficulties.

Why is it bad to use night-driving glasses?

A decade ago when these night driving glasses arrived in the market, they were advertised as night driving aids. These yellow-tinted glasses slowly gained popularity as night driving glasses. But soon after research, it was proved that these are not as effective as they are thought to be.

These yellow-tinted glasses block high-energy blue light from entering our eyes which causes internal reflection. But researches have shown that copper or amber-colored glasses are also equipped to block blue light. But the only problem that arises while restricting blue light is that these glasses reduce visibility.

As a result, these glasses do not suffice the entire foundation of the night driving glasses. These night driving glasses are supposed to enhance visibility lessening the effect caused by the dangerous glare. Various traffic lights of different colors are implemented to draw the attention of the driver and others for ensuring safety. But wearing yellow-tinted glass can result in missing out on the traffic signals causing serious accidents.

Moreover, these glasses are also known as non-prescription glasses and therefore may cause visionary issues while driving at night. Most of the store offers a standard pair of non-prescription glasses. But it is important to have a correct vision while driving and so you need to get your glasses customized. To follow the trend without compromising vision, you must opt for something too expensive as many brands hype their product to have night vision features. Thus it is not suitable to use these night glasses as these don’t help practically.

Solutions for improving night driving vision

For normal people, it becomes difficult to drive at night. But some people suffer from night blindness, which means weakened vision at night. In this situation, it becomes very difficult to drive at night. With oncoming traffic and bright and dim light everywhere, it becomes challenging to drive safely.

Let’s discuss the probable ways that can help you to drive safely at night other than using yellow-tinted glasses.

  1. Frequent eye checkup is highly recommendable. This keeps your eye prescription up to date and improves your night vision.
  2. You can consult an optometrist to get an anti-reflective coating on your glasses. This would help you while driving at night. Moreover, this would be much more helpful than getting night driving glasses.
  3. Before driving ensure your glasses are perfectly cleaned. A speck of dust or any kind of dirt can intensify glare, which would result in poor night vision.
  4. Make sure the windshield of your car is cleaned from inside as well as outside.
  5. It is also important to keep your vehicle headlights clean and free from dirt.
  6. Windshield wipers should be rectified if not functioning properly.
  7. To avoid straining your eyes while driving, keep your dashboard lights dim.
  8. Even after taking all the above precautions and steps, if you feel that your vision changes depending upon the light, then do visit a doctor.

Why Can’t You See While Driving at Night?

Driving at night may be more troublesome than driving during the day. One of the common reasons people suffer difficulty seeing during night driving is the light coming from the traffic. Headlight, fog lights, and street lights, those intended to help drivers view roads clearly can sometimes cause distraction, irritate the eye, and reduce your reaction time while driving.

You may start experiencing fuzzy or streaky vision which makes driving difficult at night.

What Signs indicate You Need Driving Glasses at Night:

Understanding the symptoms that say you may need glasses for driving at night.

  • Dazzled by glare
  • Need to drive slowly
  • Difficult to see lane marks or street light
  • Vision impairment
  • Double vision
  • Blur, fuzzy or hazy vision
  • Squinting in night light
  • Headache
  • Eyestrain
  • Halo around a light source

Are Night Driving Glasses the Same as Blue Light Glasses?

Night driving glasses and blue light glasses are different from each other. Where night driving glasses are meant to help you fight night light glare coming from headlights, street light, and surface reflection and provide visual clarity. These glasses are both polarized and anti-reflective to help night vision.

While blue light glasses are used to reduce blue light exposure resulting in digital eye strain.

Best glasses to use while driving at night?

Instead of using yellow-tinted night driving glasses, prefer using anti-glare glasses while driving at night. These are perfect for your eyes as it offers a glare-free driving experience not only at night but also during the daytime.

Other than correcting your glasses, you can opt for visiting an eye doctor for frequent eye checkups. A comprehensive eye test can surprise you with refractive errors, which can be easily rectified using new glasses. If you have no issues with your vision and test results are fine, then avoid using any kind of night driving glasses. But in cases if you suffer from myopia or astigmatism kind of issues, then it is better you get anti-reflective coating on your prescription glasses. This way you get proper vision without internal reflection caused due to blue light. It is simply a waste of money to get non-prescription glasses with anti-reflective coating for night driving.

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