How to Choose Glasses for Oval Face Shape?

Every face shape is unique with their angles and lines. If you are an eyeglass wearer, the mantra to enhance your look is to pick a pair of eyewear that most strongly complements your facial features. Oval is considered to be ideal face shape.

Oval Face Shape


Narrow forehead, slightly narrow chin, curving jawline and high cheek bones.

Oval face shape can pull off almost any eyeglass style. Oval face offers balanced proportions which makes it the best of rest. Still you cannot just blindly pick any frame style and except it to look stunning on you. You need to be really vigilant while picking your eyeglasses.

To create a natural balance, select most suitable frames. We'll break the mystery of what type of glasses are best for your face.

What shape glasses look best on an oval face?

Square frames

One of the most popular geometric frame shapes that match well on oval face is square. It adds contrast to the oval face by adding sharpness and enhances the overall look. The vintage style square frame is best for the long faces. Although there are many choices for the lucky oval shaped face, square is simply the best.

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Rectangular frames

After square another classic geometric shape that complements oval face shape is rectangle. Oblong faces are long than wider while rectangle frames are wider than long, hence it creates a perfect contrast effect. Rectangular frame is ideal for professional look.

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Rectangular frames

Aviator frames

When we say aviators, we think of sunglasses but now this frame shape is also popular in glasses and is perfect for longer faces. The pilot style aviator frame is wider which makes the oval face appear shorter and creates a good balance. The frames are wider around your eyes. You can sport a trendy look with strong and distinct aviator glasses.

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Aviator frames

Round frames

Oval face can pull off even round eyeglasses. The retro round glasses will work for you. Slightly oversized round glasses will also look good on oval shaped face. This face shape is slightly rounded, so wearing fully rounded frames would still create a balance. Wayfarer and wraparounds are also good glasses for your face shape.

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Round frame


  • Frames that cover too much of your face
  • Too small frame size as it would highlight the face length and will not be flattering
  • Frames that detract from the natural balance
  • Uncomfortable pair of glasses

Color to choose

Play with colors and textures that make you stand out of the crowd. Go with colors that match your skin tone and eye color. Frames with gold tones, pink, opal, purple shades or brown suits best for blue and green eyes. Warm tones compliment brown eyes. Grey and deep green goes well with hazel colored eyes.

Frame type

Bold styles will help to maintain the balance. If your face is petite, rimless and semi-rim frame will work well while if your face is long, full rimmed frames will look better. Glasses with beautiful embellishments will complement the high cheek bones.

The universal face shape has a lot of options to pick from. Pretty much any shape can grace the look. Choose the right kind of glasses online and look fab.

Not only oval, we have eyeglasses suggestion for round, triangle, heart, diamond and square shape face. Check out our complete face shape guide for each face type.

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