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Glasses for narrow face

The universal dilemma of men and women with narrow or small face!!!

Wearing glasses that look super colossal or simply slides down the nose.

So does that mean they can't wear glasses or unseemly buy glasses?

No! Don't be downhearted.

For that itsy-bitsy face

There are myriads of frames that fits and flatters. Framesbuy tout perfect small glasses for small faces

Narrow face glasses
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The glasses may seem like tailor-made for small features, just ensure:

  • Eyes positioned at the centre of the frame
  • Width of the frame works with the width of the face
  • Frame bridge comfortably rest on top of your nose
  • Frame has more depth than width
Are you kidding!

An adult looking for eyeglass in kids' collection often end up buying something childish. Just because the frames are small, they can't be an ideal choice. In fact, you might settle with something completely unflattering and awkwardly fitting.

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Frames that suit your age, style and personality

Look better, feel better! Bolder acetate frames draw away attention from face length and appear super cool while classy metals create a stunning impression. Frames with a thick top rim or rectangle-shaped frames preferably look better on a narrow/small face.

A glimpse of best selling glasses for narrow face

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Style alert!

small glasses back in vogue

Petite glasses make a statement again. It is vintage as well as high-end trend. The gorgeous collection of small glasses comprise of accentuating acetates, magnetic metals and timeless titanium.

So be happy, if you have small or narrow features, head-turning petite style glasses are exclusively crafted to complement your face and upgrade your personality.

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Glasses for small face